Over 300 CX professionals are expected at the annual EMEA Net Promoter Conference in London this week.

Whether you are a CX professional or NPS advocate, take the opportunity to see how leading companies have embraced the Net Promoter disciplines to help differentiate their brand experience.

It’s always an action packed 2-day programme with case studies and a chance to share experiences. The line up of keynote speakers, including:

Martha Rogers– Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group

Mike Brandt– Group Vice President, ABB Ltd

Andrey Litvinov – SVP, Head of Marketing, Life Financial Group

Fred Reichheld – Author, The Ultimate Question 2.0, Bain Fellow

Xperience Associates will be lending a hand with the Track sessions and blogging again this year. On day 1 you can from three track sessions

Missionize Your Net Promoter Program

– Weave Customer Experience into

– Catalyze Growth with Net Promoter


And on day 2 you can from four track sessions

– Take Action on Your Feedback

– Sowing Net Promoter Seeds for Long-term Growth

– Rise Above the Crowd

– Create Change with Net Promoter


Why not take a colleague with you and there are discounts for larger groups.

For more information go to the web site http://conference.netpromoter.com/index.html

See you there!


Alan Woollam, CXO Xperience Associates