CX Councils™

Customer Councils help you reach the tipping point faster!


We are huge advocates of CX Councils and governance.


Without strong governance, your customer experience efforts will struggle to gain momentum or be taken seriously. Even the best start or early success can wither on the vine. Your CX has to be embedded within your core brand strategy, daily operating model and why your people want to turn-up for work each day. Customer experience is a team sport!



An end2end customer experience spans many touch-points. These are owned by different departments across an organization and even by third partners. Like an orchestra all Touch-point owners need to be playing the right notes, in the right order.  Unfortunately poor co-ordination is often at the root of a disappointing CX.

A CX council with a clear customer charter and membership drawn from all departments and touch-point owners can provide the right governance it takes to drive CX transformation.

Xperience Associates has helped clients in very different industry sectors to establish Customer Councils. Some have been running for over 5 years and identified savings in excess of $10M. Xperience Associates recognise no two organizations are the same, but the challenges of CX transformation are very common. We work in close partnership to help you:

  • VDefine a clear charter and governance structure
  • gEstablish the right council membership
  • 7Review CX measures, VoC insight and prioritise where to focus
  • aProvide hard-lines and guide-lines for running CX Councils across a company and regions
  • fEstablish & participate in the running of global, region and local county CX Councils


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