CX Mapping™

Do you really know what your brand experience feels like?


Xperience Associates can help you to better understand customer journeys and Touch-Points by standing in customers shoes:

  • EMap the end2end journeys through customers eyes
  • jIdentify pain points and moments of truth
  • lImprove what customers value most
  • 7Measure the real customer experience
  • #The true costs of failing to meet customer expectations
  • gEngage internal Touch-point owners
  • 6Pinpoint where to focus to improve customer loyalty
  • tIdentify new ways to engage customers
  • qRe-innovate to define your signature brand experience


Xperience Associates can re-energise your CX Programme through stakeholder engagement and customer journey validation. Begin with mapping existing customer journeys or your ideal signature brand experience.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Xperience Associates provide CX mapping services. Online online tools go further, maps are easier to share with remote colleagues. Co-creation is much easier and faster!

  • %Organise Touch-points
  • %Capture information in one place 
  • %Share maps
  • %Collaborate with remote colleagues
  • %Change views with one click
  • %Better understand end2end journeys


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