CX Measurement™

Do you measure what your customers actually experience?


Customer Experience is not all about the numbers. Knowing how a customer feels about your brand experience is critical to your commercial success. A customer journey spans many touch-points. So knowing what to measure can present a challenge. We help clients to design measurement solutions and link CX measures to business outcomes.



Xperience Associates can help you to:

  • YAlign Voice of Customer measures with the customer journey
  • VReview performance dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • fLead the design of survey solutions
  • (Select the most appropriate tools provider to match your needs and budget
  • aEmbed customer feedback and CX measures
  • gCreate effective closed loop workflows to drive CX improvements
  • #Link CX measures with business outcomes


We advocate a few basic guidelines:

  1. Make it simple – for the participant
  2. Easy to understand – for internal stakeholders to listen & take action
  3. Timely – as close to the customer experience as possible
  4. Representative – of your target customer segments
  5. Informative –  to get the whole company engaged and active
  6. Connected to business outcomes – to show why CX makes a commercial difference

Xperience Associates has implemented CX programmes in over 30 countries, so we know what it takes. If you already have customer measures and surveys in place, we can take a look under the bonnet.

To learn more or discuss your current  CX measurement challenges do get in touch.