CX Stakeholder Engagement™

Are your business leaders,Touch-Point owners & front line equipped to drive CX transformation?


The road to successful CX transformation starts with understanding the perceptions and needs of your stakeholders. These include employees and  business partners who all influence the customer experience. Let’s not forget the customer and their perspective about your brand experience.

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but its get’s skip for a host of reasons. Perhaps the worst reason is making an assumption that you already know the answers.

Conducting a round of interviews or a focus group remains an effective way to start a new CX programme. Alternatively, where an existing initiative  is not delivering the benefits hoped for. Xperience Associates can engage stakeholders at all levels of the company. For each assignment we look to evidence CX fundamentals and success factor. They include:

  1. Business operating model 
    • Lines of business & go to market channel mix
    • Company strengths, market conditions & segment focus
  2. Brand strategy 
    • Brand promise & differentiation
    • Linkage to customer experience strategy
  3. Measurement 
    • Customer measures & coverage
    • What gets measured and paid attention to
  4. Employee engagement 
    • Employee perceptions & contribute to customer experience
    • VoE feedback, rewards and recognition
    • CX education & training needs
  5. Information & reporting 
    • Availability & gaps in stakeholder satisfaction
    • Scorecard,  dashboards & communication
    • Linkage to business outcomes
  6. Taking action 
    • Customer engagement
    • Usage of closed loop processes & workflow Integration
    • Governance

Xperience Associates will work closely with you to identify the right stakeholders and conduct informal in person interviews. Xperience Associates has undertaken engagements with multi-national companies both face-2- face and remotely. We provide a summary of our observations and facilitate a feedback session with the client sponsor and extended team.

If you would like to know more about our CX Professional Services or if you’d like to chat about any challenges do get in touchor  call us on +44 1189811467 today.