Xperience Associates is a certified Net Promoter Loyalty Partner and number of companies adopting NPS continues to grow.

NPS is more than a just number. Adoption requires a well-designed programme and fully engaged stakeholders. Our associates have stood in client shoes and have successfully deployed NPS programmes with global organizations into over 30 countries. So we know what it takes and we can support you to:

  • %Design a programme for your company brand ambition
  • %Select the most appropriate methods and tools to match your budget
  • %Conduct a pilot evaluation as a proof of concept or deploy a fuller global roll-out across your chosen markets
  • %NPS Benchmarking to evaluate your position in the market and establish relative improvement targets
  • %Ensure action is taken on customer feedback on the things that matter most to your customers
  • %Through knowledge transfer, equip your people to embed operational disciplines
  • %Link the attitudes & behaviors of your Detractors, Passive and Promoters to financial outcomes.

Our proven blueprint will help you to avoid common mistakes and deploy a solution much faster. If you would like to know more about how measure your  NPS, or how to get more from an existing Net Promoter programme do get in touch or call us on +44 1189811467 today.




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