Part three – 13 tips for your 2013 CX game plan

In part 1 I highlighted the benefits of aligning your brand promise with an “intentional” branded customer experience. In part 2, how world-class brands measure CX and take action.

In part 3, I want to emphasise the critical ingredients any CX game plan needs to sustain momentum.

CX is a team sport. I’ve witnessed my fair share of successful and not-so-successful CX initiatives. There is no sure recipe for success, but just a handful of key ingredients can make all the difference. Here are a few to help you reach your CX tipping point in 2013.


10. Recognise & Reward – increase employee engagement at all levels of your company. The saying “what gets measured get done” applies to Customer Experience. If you nurture a culture where doing the right thing for customers is rewarded and celebrated, sustainability looks after itself. In my own corporate life I’ve created or participated in several “Customer 1st” initiatives. A client favorite is the Aviva “Customer Cup” competition and trophy. The competition empowers employees to run a project that delivers benefits to customers. Teams have a “Captain”, “Coach” and “Sponsor” and can choose one of three possible routes to enter into the Customer Cup:

  • – Implement a new idea / solving a problem
  • – Progressing an ongoing project
  • – Sharing a past project with another part of the company

Teams are judged based on how well they run their project, how well they work as a team, the benefits of their idea and the impact on their customer.


I love the trophy, which is worthy of the UK Premier League title!


11. Set your sights on winning an external Award – I’m a huge fan of Customer Satisfaction and Experience Awards. Why? Every year I judge at Award events and witness the incredible boost to the moral and motivation with the teams who choose to enter. There are several cross industry categories that you can set your sights on, so there’s no excuse. Later this month I’ll be attending the ICS Customer Satisfaction Awards and later in the year the UK Customer Experience Awards, and looking forward to meeting fellow practitioners.

In 2013 take a closer look at your internal customer improvement initiatives and evaluate how you could raise the CX bar and team motivation by entering an event.


12. Attend CX Events  – Attending CX events is an expedient way to keep abreast of best practice. You can share and discuss what’s on your mind with CX leaders & shapers. This habit will help you ensure your own plans & initiatives are keeping up with industry Jones, trends and shifts in customer expectations. We’ve witnessed a steady increase in CX conferences, webinars, awards and forums since 2009. To help you navigate the CX conference jungle, I’ve picked a couple of regular events many fellow practitioners would also recommend

  • ECEW 14th -15th May 2013 –  2 day annual conference with a mix of industry speakers, break out tracks and plenty of networking.
  • Local CXPA Networking events – Run in several major cities including London, Oslo, Boston, Houston, New York , Atlanta to name a few. Hosted by a member of the Customer experience Professionals Association.


13. Implement a CX Council – Without the right governance even with the best start or early quick wins, a CX programme will eventually plateau and wither. Creating a customer forum raises the bar and company-wide accountability. The key ingredients include:

  • A Charter – that embodies customer focus & continuous improvement
  • Membership – from all Lines of Business, functions & key stakeholders
  • Agenda – with a balance of “reviewing” customer issues and “driving systemic change”
  • Frequency – regular is more important than regularity
  • Sponsorship – seniority & passion both matter, so choose well

We advocate estblishing CX Councils and can help you get started. The sooner you adopt a joined-up game plan, the faster you’ll reach the CX tipping point towards achieving CX maturity.

More companies are embracing the commercial advantages of creating an “Intentional branded Customer Experience, make sure you get on board and good luck in 2013!

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