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Measuring with NPS® & transforming customer experience in the Financial Service sector.

The Business Challenge

Aviva Group engaged Xperience associates to review current practices and resolve adoption challenges using the Net Promoter Score and significant shortcomings with NPS® targets, tied to renumeration.

The CX Solution

The multi-year engagement drew upon several CX services.

Measurement + Insight – As an accredited Net Promoter Loyalty Partner we were able to provide expertise and guidance. We introduced standard methodologies, including competitor benchmarks, to compare NPS® across all markets. Working closely with Aviva Group, HR and the renumeration committee, Xperience associates created a robust target setting framework. To deliver a global solution, Xperience associates partnered with a leading research agency to capture feedback and a SaaS CX platform provider, to distribute insights.
Coaching + training – Xperience associates provided coaching & mentoring to the Group CX team and CX leads in all regions, to ensure successful adoption in markets with direct & partner led go-to-market operating models.
Drive CX improvements – It was important to re-kindle confidence with NPS®. Providing a more rigorous and consistent approach instilled greater confidence amongst internal stakeholders, to act on insights. Aviva created the “Customer Cup” competition to unify cross functional teams and launch a host of CX improvement projects.

The Results & Benefits

Xperience associates was able to prove the financial benefits of greater customer advocacy.

The insight data showed customers who are “Promoters” are three times more likely to renew their insurance policy.

A rigorous approach to measuring customer experience survives the test of time. We are proud this programme has run for over 10 years!

“Xperience Associates go the extra mile. They reviewed our customer programs and introduced new methods that raised the level of consistency across Europe. They provided practical guidance to our country champions & helped them to solve challenges unique to their local markets. We will continue working with Xperience Associates to further develop our practices.”

Nick Pierson – Director of Customer & Brand

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