Xperience Associates

Case Studies +

Kingspan Group engaged us to co-create a customer experience programme and provoke a cultural shift from operational excellence to “Customer Excellence”. Establish a more robust, cost-effective customer feedback process and establish working teams to drive improvements across the customer journey.

Shell Group engaged Xperience associates to help transform their B2B customer experience and embed end2-end customer thinking from “Offer to Billing”, across all Downstream businesses Subsequently establish a sustainable operating model and CX governance.

Aviva Group engaged xperience associates to help address challenges with adopting Net Promoter® in European markets and shortcomings with this CX metric being tied to senior executive renumeration.

The business had concerns about retention in key markets and wanted to underpin an ambitious growth agenda. The Cognita board of management and funding partners sponsored a global CX initiative to embed VoC across the school portfolio.