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The Business Challenge

Kingspan today is a €4.6bn revenue group with five main business streams across 166 manufacturing sites in over 70 countries. Kingspan engaged Xperience associates to co-create a new customer experience initiative and help a strategic cultural shift across the group, from “operational” excellence towards “Customer” excellence.

The CX Solution

The multi-year engagement drew upon our CX services

Customer journey mapping – standing in customers’ shoes over 3-months, we tracked the entire customer journey, from the initial technical enquiry to manufacture and on-site delivery. At each step we captured the real experience at physical & digital touchpoints. The findings provided a catalyst for change and helped secure full support from the board of management.
Drive improvements – It was important for this initiative to deliver tangible benefits and gather momentum. Xperience associates helped establish a governance process and cross-functional CX working teams, to focus on driving real CX improvements. One working team used real-time vehicle tracking and created a mobile app to enable customers to track the delivery vehicle on route.
Measurement + Insight – to help foster a cultural shift from “operational” excellence towards “Customer” excellence. Xperience associates helped position NPS® with other customer measures, as Key Performance Indicators. We designed of a Voice of Customer feedback architecture and led the selection process for a SaaS CX platform. Co-created a global experience tracker, for all business divisions and surveys for key touchpoints.

The Results & Benefits

End-to-End customer thinking and new CX disciplines helped Kingspan to sharpen their ‘customer focus’ across the group.

The Voice of Customer programme provides robust measurement & insight for all 5 business divisions, in over 50 markets.

A valuable contribution towards embedding a strategic cultural shift from “operational” excellence to “Customer” excellence.

“It is great to have Xperience Associates as a very practical extension to the team, who can complement our existing skills.”

Helen Flood, Head of Customer Experience

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